Predictive Maintenance System Software & Services | (IOT)

Predictive Maintenance is an end-to-end AI enabled system that allows you to watch for your machine health, predict maintenance requirements and diagnose faults that arise – with ease. Based on high-precision sensors, Predictive Maintenance communicates seamlessly between noise and sends data to the secured cloud, and utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to keep your machines healthy and sound. Additionally, it allows for full-scale remote connectivity.


  • Identification high-risk assets even before they fail and prioritization of maintenance expenditures accordingly
  • Analysis of equipment at all levels of aggregation, from individual units to groups to geographical aggregations of equipment.
  • Minimization of downtime due to timely identification, maintenance, and issue resolution of the equipment at high risk of failure.
  • Reduction of the operational costs by shifting from reactive maintenance to predictive maintenance
  • Streamlining of workflows with clear definition of maintenance packages and schedule priorities in the equipment operating cycle.
  • Optimization of capital expenditures by driving the asset replacement decisions using the asset risk scores

Increase in proactive work orders


Work completion rate sustained


Savings on projects through parts requirement projections


Reduction in reactive maintenance labor time

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