Automated Supply Chain Management is a powerful logistics and inventory management system that manages your logistics and inventory like no other. Based upon a highly accurate and robust system, Automated Supply Chain Management also helps you manage production and delivery timelines with ease. A fully customizable solution, it is capable of utilizing the latest machine learning technologies to extend traceability and visibility into the entire supply chain while further optimizing the output.

Automated Supply Chain Management | Inventory Management System


  • Extends complete traceability and visibility with real-time asset tracking across the supply chain
  • Enables process uniformity and control throughout the different plant and factory locations
  • Facilitates paperless inventory tracking for improved quality and minimal human intervention
  • Leverages Artificial Intelligence- based algorithms for inventory optimization and reducing wastage

Be smart with your assets and inventory!

With Automated Supply Chain Management, you get every aspect of production right at your fingertips, that too in real time. This gives you a competitive advantage as it increases material utilization, improves productivity and controls quality, even while maximizing manufacturing throughput for your business and ensuring visibility across the supply chain from start to end.

Automated Supply Chain Management | Inventory Management System
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